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in the eighties oakley baratas of ray ban outlet the last century,oakley baratas, Guangxi Zhongshan cigarette factory Bucheon branch has produced "Mid Autumn Festival" cigarette, in blue color, a symbol of the night,ray ban o hollister pas cher utlet, the Deputy version of the pattern is a round golden moon,hollister pas cher, the moon is a speeding rabbit; on the left,ray ban pas cher, printed with "on the Mid Autumn Festival is exceptionally bright, Sze Sze times" verse,cheap tiffany, expressed the wandering homesick thick. At present this cigarette only 2~3 yuan, is cheap.
- Wu Weizhong
source: South China Morning Post
in September 2001,Kate Spade borse outlet, the people's Bank of China issued a pieces of Chinese folk series (Mid Autumn Festival) circular commemorative coins -- "elixir of love". The coin containing 1 ounces of silver,longchamp borse outlet, 99.9% fineness, diameter 40 mm, the denomination of 10 yuan, mintage of 40000. Advanced stealth carving coinage of new technology is first adopted in the currency,pandora pas chers, seemingly no pattern,hogan outlet, once sloshing around, can see the two "lying on the rabbit and Ben," rabbit "pattern, it's amazing. At present, the currency market price has reached 4500 yuan,hogan pas cher, but still popular among collectors.
in September 1988,air jordan outlet, the China children's Publishing House published the comic book "the story of the Mid Autumn Festival", the book is 24 color painting the,tiffany outlet, the first printing of the first edition of the series,nike tn cheap, by the Jing Qizhu compiled the,louboutin outlet, Liu Wen for painting,lacoste pas cher, has a higher value to the collection. The current market price of about 20 yuan,puma pas cher, as a large format color comic is very rare,hermes pas cher, having a greater appreciation potential.
in September 2002,coach outlet, the State Post Bureau issued 3 pieces of a set of "Mid Autumn Festival" special stamps, stamp name as follows: reunion,hollister pas cher, moon,ray ban baratas, month is a matchmaker, with a face value of each is 80 points, 80 points, 2 yuan, also issued a small version, the version of the small piece of circulation of 1.8 million pieces. The Mid Autumn Festival stamps the use of decorative painting techniques,puma pas cher, vividly demonstrated the festive atmosphere of the Mid Autumn Festival. At present, the Mid Autumn Festival stamp market price of only 9 yuan,abercrombie pas cher, a little version of the price is slightly higher,asics pas cher, the latest price of 25 yuan, worth more attention to collectors lovers. (Shanghai Peng Pu)
in April 2002, Nanjing matchstick factory produced "the moon lady" spark a (4 + 1 gold), using the composition of Yangzhou paper cut, blade delicate,discount christian louboutin, graceful lines. 1 gold seal mark flower represents the traditional moon shape, 4 common flower pattern is as follows: marriage,hollister pas cher, shooting,lacoste pas cher, moon,louboutin outlet, moon. This is the first full moon story show spark. At present, the spark market price of about 10 yuan,Ralph Lauren pas cher, a certain value of the collection.
is the Mid Autumn Festival,air jordan outlet, since ancient times many acacia. August Mid Autumn Festival, the moon has attracted the ages many acacia. Mid autumn as a China's traditional festival,oakley uk outet, eat moon cakes,hermes borse outlet, flowers lights, guess riddles is spread over many years of folk customs,coach outlet, also left many mid autumn festival theme of the collection. Although some of the Mid Autumn Festival collections seemingly ordinary, but the cultural value behind it is still attracting people to buy. In recent years,Ralph Lauren pas cher, China's traditional culture of heat rising,ray ban outlet, the market has been popular in the mid autumn collection. The Mid Autumn Festival theme collections,giuseppe zanotti pas cher, to readers.

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Origin Chinese painting history oakley uk outet of the earliest can be traced back to the primitive society of the N hermes borse outlet ew Stone Age pottery ornamentation and rock paintings, the original painting skills,oakley uk outet, though naive, he has mastered the initial modeling ability, on the morphology of animals,hermes nike tn cheap borse outlet, plants and other movement can also catch the main characteristics of note,nike tn cheap, for the expression of the ancestors of beliefs, desires and for life to decorate and beautify the.
Figure painting dragon and Phoenix Dragon Figure Painting Chinese painting art has a long history,fake oakley, has a long history,air jordan outlet, after thousands of years of constantly enrich,hogan outlet, innovation and development,Nike Air Max Baratas, mainly in the Han nationality,oakley uk outet, including minorities,cheap michael kors, artists and craftsmen, create a distinctive national style and the rich and colorful forms and practices,Nike Air Max Baratas, and formed the unique Chinese meaning of the painting system, since the Warring States,Michael Kors borse outlet, to the Qing Dynasty before the Opium War, has about two thousand years of development, in the East and even in the world of art has an important status and influence.
in the Qin and Han Dynasties is the establishment of early Chinese history of centralization of power,sac prada pas cher, vast territory, strong and powerful country,air max outlet, the Silk Road linking China with the world art exchange,asics pas cher, painting art unprecedented development and prosperity. Especially that was popular in the Han Dynasty burial of the wind, the tomb murals and portraits brick stone portraits and funerary Bohua,puma pas cher, vivid shape reality,abercrombie pas cher, historical and mythological images,longchamp borse outlet, with a dynamic and plot in the aspect of reflecting the real life has made significant achievements in the. Its style is often magnificent verve,sac prada pas cher, gesture flow,cheap louboutin outlet, both wild,asics pas cher, uninhibited,air jordan pas cher, and there are detailed and magnificent, rich in content Bo miscellaneous, form colorful colorful.
the Sui and Tang Dynasties, national unity,pandora pas chers, a relatively stable society, economy is prosperous, foreign exchange activity,ray ban outlet, to the art of painting injected new transport,nike tn cheap, although Buddhist murals in Western painting style still in the popular,lancel pas cher, but Wu Daozi, Chen Hongshou,new balance pas cher, who has distinctive Zhongyuan style products accounted for absolute advantage,hogan outlet, national style increasingly mature,sac prada pas cher, a generation of Master Wu Daozi in characters (including religious painting) painting and landscape painting in the field have a significant contribution,nike tn cheap, be in figure painting. His figure paintings, especially a religious figure,mulberry outlet, was known as the "six taste", figures unofficially engaged as wind fluctuations,cheap air jordan, known as the "thing". Representing the development of figure paintings.
Development the Wei,new balance pas cher, Jin and southern and Northern Dynasties war is frequent,sac Michael Kors pas cher, and the suffering of the people,nike tn pas cher, but painting still made great development,new balance pas cher, the real significance of the Chinese painting. Provides the soil for suffering spread of Buddhism, Buddhist art development. Such as the Kizil Grottoes in Xinjiang, Gansu Maiji Mountain Grottoes,mulberry outlet, Dunhuang Mogao Grottoes preserved a lot of murals for the period, high artistic attainments. Due to the upper classes of society of paiuting interest and participation,ray ban pas cher, in addition to the craftsmen, but also the emergence of a a group of Cultural Education Society of well-known artists,Ralph Lauren pas cher, such as Gu Kaizhi's. The metaphysical popular during this period,replica louboutins us, scholars advocating elegant and unconventional,cheap oakley, painting and other works began to appear, landscape painting,Nike Air Max Baratas, flower and bird painting began to sprout, the paintings of this period focus on characters and temperament of mental state,oakley outlet, taking literature as the subject of the painting is becoming more and more popular.
pre Qin Dynasty painting has been there in some ancient books records,hermes borse outlet, such as Zhou Gong,Michael Kors borse outlet, Mingtang,air max outlet, Temple Temple of the historical figures,fake oakley, the Warring States period,air max outlet us, lacquerware,oakley outlet, bronze decorations,air jordan pas cher, Chu unearthed painting on silk and other,cheap oakley, have already reached a higher level.

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no doubt,pa pandora pas chers ndora pas chers, for Thangka art collection market,nike tn pas cher, this nike tn pas cher is a milepost event.
was originally a religious carriers of Thangka,tiffany outlet, from religious worship into the art collection in the field,oakley baratas, tiffany outlet especially new Thangka yield rising rapidly. With the market awareness of traditional Thangka technology to improve,nike tn cheap, this year,puma pas cher, the value of old thangka is to know more people,cheap michael kors, the price is rising rapidly. Even in offering a large number of old Thangka temples,pandora pas chers, theft that temple will have Thangka deposit to the bank safe.
this shoot sky high price of the Thangka of the Ming Dynasty in the perfect,ray ban pas cher, the incident became the current focus,fake ray ban, is a positive signal to the market in the future.
collection from the market point of view,louboutin pas cher, the early years,air jordan pas cher, Thangka has been relatively small. Until 2006,ray ban pas cher, Thangka included in the first batch of national intangible cultural heritage,oakley pas cher, the market heat soared.
Qinghai Nationalities University Professor,sac prada pas cher, the forum of the Qinghai Tibet Plateau,new balance pas cher, deputy editor in chief of Zhong Shan Tang evaluation the news said: This is Thangka record of an auction. It conveys a signal to the market: Thangka fire up. In Tibet,air max outlet us, since last year,air max outlet, in high-end antique collection and cultural circle began to reflect this trend.
Zahi pointed to the scene. "The Buddha Thangka debut be absorbed in open eyes" jewelry exhibition on the Tibetan Thangka works. Zahi pointed beads
Thangka in Tibet has 1300 years of history,oakley outlet, but the outside world does not know much. The production of pigments and precious Thangka painter time-consuming is a manifestation of the general understanding of the value of thangka. This,hogan outlet, to interview to Qinghai local senior experts and senior painter of thangka.
&quot,air max outlet;fine as hair&quot,discount christian louboutin; is not an adjective
last week,air max outlet, Christie's Hong Kong autumn 2014 shoot "Yongle Yuzhi red Yan friction enemy embroidered Thangka" special,discount christian louboutin, the 50 million Hong Kong dollars starting,cheap air jordan, through 22 minute auction competition,coach outlet, and ultimately to HK $348 million (more than 278 million RMB) price transactions,ray ban baratas, a Chinese art in all international auction house auction record. After confirmed by the reporter,giuseppe zanotti pas cher, buyers for the mainland well-known collectors Liu Yiqian.
is Zhengdong CBD in the world used for a Tibet ornaments plays the part of the culture and art exhibition,cheap oakley, the reporter zero distance feeling Thangka artistic charm,asics pas cher, and to consult several from Tibetan cultural scholars and artists,ray ban outlet, collectors who,sac longchamp pas cher, a glimpse of the Thangka of mysterious world.
every piece of thangka is required for performing artist challenge their patience and willpower and painting material,hollister pas cher, pigment prepared from start to drafting,abercrombie outlet, description,cheap oakley, coloring,air max outlet us, finalized each >
80 painter Tashi pointed measures,asics pas cher, learning professional Thangka art has been more than 20 years,giuseppe zanotti pas cher, is already advanced technology division,replica louboutins us, works are also on many occasions in all kinds of competition and Exhibition Award. Tashi said,hermes pas cher, he grew up under the tutelage of the old artists specialized learning,new balance pas cher, then entered the professional colleges and universities of professional Tangka complete art training and theoretical study.
/ reporter Li Liwen figure ,hollister pas cher; ,ray ban baratas; ,air max outlet; ,oakley pas cher;

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Qinghai news net Ap nike tn pas cher ple mobile phone batteries from Xi louboutin baratas ning,nike tn pas cher, the world famous whitening important elements of products from Xining,louboutin baratas, photovoltaic components with international top technology from Xining...... When the new in fake ray ban dustry in Xining in a series of perfect policy support and development environment,fake ray ban, Xining (National) new industrial products economic and Technological Development Zone gushed with surprise,air max pas cher, become the new period "made in Xining" in the cradle.
February 21st,lancel pas cher, the Development Zone Industrial Park,ray ban pas cher, biological technology,tiffany outlet, many new industrial enterprises have begun a new year of order processing. From the primary sorting,tiffany outlet, rough machining initially to now use high-tech especially independent research and development of science and technology of deep processing products,mulberry outlet, the formation of all the industrial chain,sac Michael Kors pas cher, the development zone has made great efforts in creating the national new industrialization demonstration base. This year,ray ban outlet, the development zone will continue to support the development of new industries,sac longchamp pas cher, concentrated industry,cheap nfl jerseys, policy,Kate Spade borse outlet, personnel,louboutin outlet, capital,oakley pas cher, services and other resources and conditions,nike tn cheap, according to market demand,replica louboutins us, training and the introduction of the leading backbone enterprises,ray ban baratas, increase the core technology R & D and production,mulberry outlet, improving product technology content and added value. Among them,fake ray ban, the new energy industry in solar photovoltaic and photothermal and lithium ion battery,ray ban baratas, new materials to electronic materials,ray ban outlet, new materials,pandora pas chers, new chemical materials,cheap tiffany, give full play to the comparative advantage in resources,replica louboutins us, industrial base,louboutin baratas, extend the industrial chain,oakley baratas, forming a group with independent intellectual property rights,air jordan outlet, strong core competitiveness,ray ban outlet, market share of the enterprise and the a group of high. At the same time,nike tn pas cher, Xining city and the administrative committee of the development zone will also be in the investment,cheap air jordan, investment (cited) capital,pandora outlet, personnel,air max outlet us, technical service etc. synchronous follow-up,puma pas cher, the establishment of special funds,air max pas cher, mainly to make breakthroughs in a number of constraints of new energy and new materials development of common and key technologies. (author: Zhou Jianping)

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,lancel pas cher
handed down Hongwuci ot lancel pas cher her relatively simple,air j air jordan pas cher ordan pas cher, common type of heavy objects matrix,sac Michael Kors pas cher, large size. See the main shapes of petal type tank,louboutin outlet, Yuhu spring bottle,abercrombie pas cher, kettles,Kate Spade borse ou sac Michael Kors pas cher tlet, dish,cheap louboutin outlet, bowl, army,sac Michael Kors pas cher, etc.,replica louboutins us, which there is a large number of disk handed down the large size of the,cheap louboutin outlet, disc can open fold along the disc and Ryoka fold along the lotus type disc type. The characteristics of the process of the market are both the common features of the Yuan Dynasty and the characteristics of its own time.. In the collection of the Palace Museum yuan,abercrombie outlet, Ming Hongwu and Yongle period of similar Linghua opening market,air jordan pas cher, for example,discount christian louboutin, the handicap were Linghua mouth type folding along,Michael Kors borse outlet, and plate wall and foot treatment have different characteristics. Yuan Dynasty is ordinary arc wall,air max outlet, outer wall decoration with flower veins,hogan pas cher, and Hongwu and Yongle period the disc wall instead petals,hermes borse outlet, each petal decorated a strain of the branches of flowers,air jordan outlet, which Yongle plate wall petals small radian,air max outlet us, petal edges is not obvious,sac longchamp pas cher, and because the disc is smaller than the Hongwu,coach outlet, disc wallflower petal number also Hongwu than less. Foot treatment,cheap air jordan, yuan and Yongle disc feet are full walls on both sides of the tapering of the ladder,discount christian louboutin, but the foot of the Yuan Dynasty wall with gentle slope,Michael Kors borse outlet, ladder is not obvious,hermes pas cher, foot Wing Lok disc is typical of the ladder foot,coach outlet, foot wall inside and outside a beveled slope large plantar surface of spheronization. And Hong Wuling fancy disc of device with the most special,fake ray ban, it is and rim,sac Michael Kors pas cher, the disc wall shape consistent with the petal type Quanzu,air max outlet us, foot deep wall and straight,tiffany outlet, foot flush. In addition,air jordan pas cher, three period market Quanzu although all pan flint red sand bottom,oakley pas cher, but the Yuan Dynasty disc sand in the bottom of the coarse,ray ban pas cher, common sticky sand,cheap tiffany, kiln crack process defects,oakley pas cher, Flint pale red; at the bottom of the Hong Wupan sand than the Yuan Dynasty fine,louboutin outlet, but there is still a rough sense,abercrombie outlet, the bottom face significant feature is more than brushing a layer of pulp juice,tiffany outlet, obvious and common brush marks,puma pas cher, Flint red hue than the yuan and Yongle is deep; and Wing Lok disc sand in the bottom of the most delicate,fake oakley, smooth feel warm,air jordan outlet, Flint red hue most shallow.
Huang Weiwen Museum of Beijing the Imperial Palace
Hongwu blue and white flower pattern Ling Hongwu underglaze red pine fancy large bamboo plum vase decorated in the early Ming Dynasty Hongwu (1368 ~ 1398 years once is the Yuan Dynasty and the Ming Dynasty Jingdezhen porcelain in the process of the development of a connecting link between the preceding and the following important historical stage. Although research on Ming Dynasty official set up specific time there are still different views,ray ban outlet, but literature and handed down and archaeological found that,pandora pas chers, Hongwu Period Jingdezhen indeed kilns ordered firing over a certain number of court official porcelain. It not only enlightened Qing two generations of kiln porcelain first river,ray ban outlet, also for Jingdezhen became the Ming Dynasty in the country's center kiln laid the foundation. Overall,hermes borse outlet, handed down Hongwuci in Jingdezhen produced the court official porcelain as the representative, its production process and decorative style is a legacy of the Yuan Dynasty and some of the characteristics of the Ming Dynasty porcelain kiln,nike tn pas cher, utensil style is from yuan to Ming transition stage of the characteristics of the times.
Hong Wuci glaze Shi glaze is generally relatively uniform,air max pas cher, glaze color close to the Yuan Dynasty Qingbai glaze,fake oakley, and later Yongle and Xuande porcelain kiln glaze white than in the pan green,pandora pas chers, but less stable Hong Wuci of glazed process,lancel pas cher, many see shrinkage or glaze kiln crack kiln injury.
source: Guangzhou daily

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read these,air jordan outlet, belie air jordan outlet ve that identification of the watch collectors have a preliminary understandi discount christian louboutin ng. These limited edition senior watch in recent years,discount christian louboutin, frequent appearances international auction will,new balance pas cher, each auction will causes new balance pas cher the close attention of the personage inside course of study,cheap nfl jerseys, the auction results are very good.
no matter is the kind of art investment,Michael Kors borse outlet, opportunities and risks coexist,lacoste pas cher, to obtain the value or value-added potential,ray ban pas cher, you need to see the eyes of the personal collection,new balance pas cher, especially watch collection. The industry to watch the appreciation of space is inconclusive. I think,hermes borse outlet, to consider a watch quality,fake ray ban, from the three aspects of design,ray ban pas cher, material and craft.
collection value two: design innovation
source: Chinese art network
Three judge watch with appreciation potential of a three judge watch whether appreciation potential 2 three aspects to judge the watches have appreciation potential
handed down in design and production of many models of watches,air max outlet us, of which the most representative is Paris Notre Dame series and eclipse series. Notre Dame de Paris woman watches in 2012 for publishers in the world,hollister pas cher, this watch with the elements of the Notre Dame de Paris,giuseppe zanotti pas cher, fashion lovers and the media is very concerned about this. According to sources,hermes borse outlet, now handed down is to build Notre Dame de Paris Mens Watch,oakley outlet, has been listed on the female models with into a couple of tables,asics pas cher, which can be seen this watch has a very high value for collection.
is a high-end Swiss watches manufacturers movement handed custom sources,hogan outlet, including quartz movement and mechanical movement. A automatic mechanical watch with the 25 rubies,oakley outlet, titanium is this watch of metal material,oakley uk outet, this watch is very durable and very luxurious. The watch is not only a kind of luxury consumer goods,cheap tiffany, also has a very high appreciation potential. Investment experts said to collectors collection of luxury goods,pandora outlet, you can pay more attention to your wine,nike tn pas cher, limited edition of senior watches and jewelry jade.
collection value: handmade
1603,cheap louboutin outlet, the first day of the workshop in the tabulation Courbevoie founder handed down up. Until now,louboutin pas cher, the most attractive is the ancient Watch Full Handmade. Every piece of the watch through many processes,giuseppe zanotti pas cher, from the gear to the surface,air max outlet, are superb tabulation master,mulberry outlet, a little bit of,tiffany outlet, so the watch has very high added value.
now a lot of people are very keen on the collection of works of art,air max outlet us, which is the most traditional favorite category is the painting and calligraphy works. In addition,ray ban pas cher, the luxury collection,ray ban outlet, the most concern is the watches,Kate Spade borse outlet, jewelry and luxury cars. In this one,asics pas cher, the rich think,abercrombie outlet, most has the value or value-added potential of watches,cheap air jordan, jewelry and leather goods collection is.
collection value three: material

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bed, as a hogan pas cher master of the furniture is a large, Jack and furniture culture and a, best embodies the characteristics of the style of furniture. Bed, with its elegant and dignified showily artistic achievement, for our future generations left many valuable wealth of art, with very high artistic value and collection value.
source: urban business daily
Suzhou hardwood furniture company collection Royal couch, also known as "beauty couch", ancient exclusively for women to repose, cot surface is small, beautifully produced, beautiful form is couch is a kind of beautiful, the materials is also very particular about, bed carved painted look elegant.
in the period of Ming and Qing Royal couch, showing fine grinding techniques, reflecting on the fence, handrails and couch legs carved, engraved the dragon is the most popular, presumably from the Chinese nation of the dragon totem worship; the Royal couch for couch legs, a dental plate, the details of the design is refined benefits, both legs straight, curved legs are less not fine carved flowers pattern, couch body is flat and massage board, size compared to Europe and the United States recliner more huge show royal demeanor and Imperial Majesty.
some royal couch for single tilting of the head, the tail of the coil design, Seocho roll bead valgus ball type straight leg, openwork carving teeth the kidnapper lines roll grass pattern, fence erlongxizhu wear cloud water engraved pattern is the most striking, its distinctive reflects the Qing style furniture, magnificent style.
and the Royal couch for double become warped head design, the head is slightly higher,hogan pas cher, Raglan straight leg side pin account, middle tooth is engraved turn lines, tooth head commensurate with relief, fence screen type engraved turn lines, between the couch surface texture between massage and plane surface, the production process express it's precious.

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,canad canada jas a jas
first half of "Gong Fu tie" has become a buzzword,giuseppe za giuseppe zanotti pas cher notti pas cher, media experts around the collection of the authenticity of hot debate. But for o longchamp sale rdinary collectors,longchamp sale, the articles of these experts too high,canada goose femme, do not understand,Hermes pas cher, let alone learn from the. In fact, the identification of ancient calligraphy and painting art in many ways,tiffany outlet, but summed up there: "a two draw three seal". If you want to read the article to experts,soldes louboutin, this is the first seven words ".
The so-called &quot,woolrich uomo;
&quot,Kate Spade borse;the three seal&quot,nike free run; refers to "seal after the completion of painting and calligraphy
word",Pandora Accessories, refers to the inscription. In the judgment and was signed under one of the main. Generally speaking,puma pas cher, the Tang paintings,nike free run, including all the paintings before the Tang Dynasty,asics cumulus, are unsigned. Because in Tang's mind,pandora milano, no concept of painting style. On the contrary,canada goose paris, when people think that the title of the painting is the destruction of the work. This is a kind of aesthetic differences with the characteristics of the times. The Northern Song Dynasty,lancel sacs, Tibetan incense paragraph paragraph. Tibet is the painter inscribed hidden in the picture of Zhongshan stone trees where dense brush. Incense is a vivid saying,PJS Jackets, namely: from the top to the bottom line of the inscription,hogan pas cher, never write second lines. But there are exceptions,chaussures hogan homme, this exception is Zhao Ji Song Huizong, he used to question four lines. He is the emperor,moncler 2016, the nine five is the supreme,louboutin paris, and be worthy of the name painting everyone,peuterey uomo, even the personal independence of conduct will not hurt the important essentials. The Yuan Dynasty appeared flat money. This title from the right to the left to write a vertical line of words,the north face, second lines and the first line of the word Qi Ping,sac lancel, written on the line can also be four or five,tn pas cher, but after the word can not be special. Emperor Jiajing of the Ming Dynasty is a rise: first line of words is not enough,sac hermes, the second line can move two until the inscription written after the seal.
"two paintings" doorways are also many. Like the northern and Southern Dynasties figure painting in the style is very thin bone handsome; figure painting in the Tang Dynasty buxom,Canada Goose pas cher, natural and graceful clothing; Song Dynasty court painting pen characters are thick and short, humpback, attitude have bend over or squat action; at the time of the Ming and Qing Dynasties beauty is one of cherry small mouth,louboutin homme, can not help but the wind weak, like a dream of Red Mansions of Lin Daiyu. From the point of view of the size of painting and calligraphy couplets appeared in the late period of Ming Dynasty,Doudoune Canada Goose, painted fan out of the Northern Song Dynasty,sacs prada, literati in the hands of the folding fan,Borsa Prada Uomini, popular in the late Ming Dynasty, start,Tiffany And Co, we only on the sector inscription only later in development to paint. In addition,Sac Longchamp, look at the painting also need to see ink paper. Before the Eastern Han Dynasty Cai Lun invented papermaking,Kate spade 2016, paint is in silk. The murals before the Tang Song Dynasty. Sui, Tang and Five Dynasties, painting paper with hemp paper,moncler men, Sui and Tang dynasties also with leather paper,nike free pas cher, the Northern Song Buddhist sutra paper,doudoune north face, modern,Hermes Kelly, of course,abercrombie pas cher, is Anhui Xuancheng Xuan paper. In brief, the more and more the history and culture knowledge that a person has,canada goose parka, the more useful it will be for the appreciation of ancient painting and calligraphy..
we appreciate and identify the value of ancient painting,sweat hollister, we must first understand the artistic features of different times,pandora collana, art style and the period of each painting and calligraphy of your own unique style. An era is an era of aesthetic requirements,bijoux pandora, a king had a Dynasty art of characterization,nike free, the painter who created works,prada sac femme, will undoubtedly influenced and restricted by the environment of the times. Subsequently,canadagoose, the work is bound to reflect prevailing cultural atmosphere,asics chaussure femme, era of feelings,Canada Goose Outlet, writing skill,christian louboutin sale, color habits greatly small "Dynasty weather."

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,giuseppe zanotti pa giuseppe zanotti pas cher s cher
people with cheap tiffany incense,cheap tiffany, and the westerners are very different,ray ban outlet, it is extremely complicated and more noble.
the initial "carve" is in the mud on the ray ban outlet pile of modeling to subtract the excess,cheap oakley, is to do subtraction exercise. "Plastic" is to add mud to the shape,cheap louboutin outlet, do is addition. Carving, carving,mulberry outlet, plastic three kinds of actions,Ralph Lauren pas cher, the shape of the three-dimensional works,ray ban baratas, is the movement of people, is a course of action, plus and minus,discount christian louboutin, is carving and shaping two methods to create a general.
/ Liu Xirong
the birth of many myths,cheap louboutin outlet, legends,puma pas cher, the only Chinese legends and sculpture
The birth of
to aloes or aloes wood sculpture,Kate Spade borse outlet, appeared in the Ming Dynasty,abercrombie pas cher, such as pen,ray ban outlet, Buddha,asics pas cher, Ruyi used,ray ban outlet, the Qing Dynasty was also used for the accompanied suspending brand quit,pandora pas chers, beads, bracelets etc.. Because of the scarcity of spices,lancel pas cher, so far,hogan pas cher, did not see a few beauty devices.
2918 modern Brunei aloes Ruyi cm high and 6 about 12 grams of 13.8 million yuan in 2014 in Beijing Hanhai spring shoot 2919 modern Dara dry submerged aloes Sui Sui Ping card high 6 cm approximately 14.9 grams of 12.65 million yuan in 2014 in Beijing Hanhai spring shoot 2921 modern Malay eight heavy aloes dragon brand high 6.5 cm about 30 grams of 32.2 million yuan in 2014 in Beijing Hanhai spring shoot
human of spice understanding must be from repel mosquitoes,Nike Air Max Baratas, beast, and so on biological needs,louboutin outlet, far from now,asics pas cher, the pursuit of the perfect is not words to the health joyful. Realized that this magic,fake ray ban, would be home for the world in awe of the prayers, borrowed the incense smoke, go up to heaven,air jordan pas cher, to worship the emperor of heaven. Next to the land,hermes pas cher, to Ji. By then the achievements,sac prada pas cher, spices,air max outlet, incense, so that future generations will be the human heritage, also called the "incense heritage". Even Yao to shun Chan Wei season, also need the twelve mile stretch of "Chai (" burnt rising smoke "shangshu. The book of Rites "), the smell of plants of Artemisia selengensis and pine,giuseppe zanotti pas cher, were burning up,cheap michael kors, to respect the day festival,pandora outlet, to abdicate the throne inheritance.
in recent years,sac Michael Kors pas cher, Chinese eaglewood cognition,replica louboutins us, is a question worthy of reflection. As the wealth of the spirit of China,sac Michael Kors pas cher, people in the pursuit of the traditional culture, to a noble life yearning,giuseppe zanotti pas cher, commercial tide swept luxury,sac longchamp pas cher, very rare aloes influx of wealthy,sac prada pas cher, money bag drum up people to enjoy the sunshine, hundreds of million children eight big bucks,lancel pas cher, in the burning charcoal in the incense burner,cheap tiffany, fire chopsticks small water aloes, but see smoke rising,hogan pas cher, smell of scent, a room full of romantic,replica louboutins us, such circumstances,puma pas cher, wealthy players: "terrific". Now the world of luxury,lacoste pas cher, the ultimate in luxury,cheap oakley, unprecedented fear. Each bubble heavy smoke,Kate Spade borse outlet, will be more than silver money was lost. This is a wisp of smoke: Shen nine heavy,coach outlet, many fragrance than civilians?
of course, aloes and many spices, always will be burning smoke, sporadic aroma form used in worship. It is also used for the odor removal, repel mosquitoes,air jordan outlet, regulation environment,ray ban baratas, increasing love stitch thread,coach outlet, and other functions. Medical efficacy of spices,mulberry outlet, also more and more,longchamp borse outlet, included in the "Golden Chamber" "Bencao Gangmu" medical classics.

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"Jerusalem Post" say,oakley baratas, to defen oakley baratas se business people were "China virus" attack someone involved in highly classi pandora outlet fied,pandora outlet, sensitive security project. The Trojan horse virus was found computer defense system,hermes borse outlet, and removed. The incident led to the security company have to update the computer secu hermes borse outlet rity system. Reported that,longchamp borse outlet, in the face of the media reports,ray ban baratas, to the Ministry of Defense spokesman NA Hong expresses 28 days,nike tn pas cher, the Department of defense did not comment on the questions of network media reports. Suspected of being involved in the aerospace industry company refused to confirm nor deny the reports.
"there is an old Hebrew proverb says,air max pas cher," respect,giuseppe zanotti pas cher, but doubt ',discount christian louboutin, which is directly applicable to the relationship between "China and Israel,Ralph Lauren pas cher," Israel times "29 issued a document,cheap tiffany, in the two countries commercial relationship every day in the enhancement,sac longchamp pas cher, almost every week there is a high-level Chinese delegation arrived in Israel,fake ray ban, seek the same local company in many projects,fake oakley, but this did not prevent the" Chinese hacker "steal technical secrets of israel. The article quoted as saying the technical security experts to Pavel,cheap air jordan, this is not China launched the first large-scale hacking attempt,cheap nfl jerseys, nobody should be surprised to know that the United States,air jordan pas cher, "when has been monitoring his ally,hogan outlet, when know the phone call to German Chancellor Merkel has been the United States monitoring after 10 years,oakley outlet, then hear the Chinese hackers tried to invade with advanced technology countries server,oakley pas cher, why be surprised?" reported that "in the course of China building first-class economic power,replica louboutins us, all can obtain a new technique means can try". But finally called,Nike Air Max Baratas, simply rely on attack "is back" to China,replica louboutins us, does not mean that the "Chinese hacker" is behind the attack. In addition,cheap tiffany, Israel does not want to jeopardise for accusing China of bilateral commercial relations.
network virus attacks" from Chinese,air max outlet, according to Israel "Jerusalem Post" 29 days of reports,discount christian louboutin, a few weeks ago,Michael Kors borse outlet, received suspicious mail to much home defence company executives,louboutin outlet, mail disguised as from a German company familiar. But the opening mail,hermes borse outlet, hiding in "Troy trojan virus" began trying to steal information from the recipient computer,ray ban outlet, more than 140 employees with national defense enterprise "in action". Reported that,ray ban outlet, after the discovery of investigation,mulberry outlet, these malicious programs from China "". "Israel times" 29 day comment that,oakley uk outet, can use a Hebrew proverb describes relations between Israel and the Chinese: respect,air max outlet, but suspicion.
&quot,pandora pas chers;Israel defeated
"Israel today newspaper" 28 days to say,cheap michael kors, according to the official disclosed that the country was up to 1000 per minute from network attacks. But every day thousands of individual hackers low level network attacks,air max outlet, regular and many attacks from foreign government agencies. The United States "International Financial Times" 28 days of rendering,pandora outlet, the Chinese have long been accused of launching the "national hacker" action,Michael Kors borse outlet, in order to enhance the foundation of the Beijing diplomatic,fake ray ban, economic and national defense. Britain,sac longchamp pas cher, Germany and Australia related institutions had claimed was "Chinese hackers" attack. In this regard,cheap louboutin outlet, the Chinese Foreign Ministry has repeatedly said that China is one of the most serious attacks in the country,giuseppe zanotti pas cher, China is firmly opposed to all forms of hacker attack. China opposed the hacker attacks are endless speculation and accusations,mulberry outlet, is willing to work with the international community >

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The musical instrumen gafas ray ban baratas ts should pay attention to temperature and humidity air max pas cher Li Jialin to reporters said that these in the sense of national musical instrument as far as possible in the constant temperature and humidity conditions used,gafas ray ban bar zapatos louboutin atas, otherwise very easy to crack,air max pas cher, affect the collection product phase. Reporters noted that in his private museum of musical instruments,zapatos louboutin, there are many humidifier does not stop working,longchamp sac femme, in order to ensure the instruments in environmental humidity 40% to 60% of the custody.
and too dry for piano maintenance is good? Nor is it good. The most suitable temperature of the piano is 20,Nike Air Max Baratas, humidity is also 60%,Lacoste pas cher, so indoor if have dry humidity meter,oakley outlet, for piano maintenance very helpful. The thermometer is also the thing that should be prepared,air max baratos, whether in the winter or summer use of air conditioning,louboutin outlet, should avoid the rapid rise or fall of temperature,ray ban baratas, when the air conditioning is also the same. In the general environment,tn pas cher, people can not feel the humidity changes,gafas ray ban baratas, it is recommended that for Piano installation of microcomputer automatic dehumidifier,ray ban baratas, to extend the service life of the piano.
"when there is no humidifier,Nike Air Max Baratas, one to the winter,Nike air max 2015, the room began to heating,louboutin baratos, I and his wife need wet towel,rayban outlet, take the wet towel in the heating,pandora pas cher, by the moisture in the heating of the heat of evaporation of bath towel,louboutin outlet, make the room become moist. Now have a humidifier after more convenient. Again,pandora pas cher, these folk musical instruments afraid of the heat is not afraid of cold,Polo Lacoste Pas Cher, too hot,gafas ray ban baratas, the instrument is easy to crack,zapatos louboutin, and in the case of relatively low temperature,charms pandora, they tend to get better preservation." Li Jialin said.
for Piano and other Western musical instruments,louboutin outlet, has become the enemy of humidity. Reporters learned that the piano material is easy to humidity and metamorphism,asics pas cher, so the wet problem to pay special attention to. Piano by the moisture,zapatos louboutin, the xylem,air max 90, cloth,prada sac Femme, leather part will Peng rose up,puma paris, and softening the resin adhesive,Gafas Oakley Baratos, so that the loss of viscosity. Often played the keyboard can not be restored; playing string system operation becomes slow is not flexible,sac longchamp pas cher, touch keys will become worse; strings and other metal parts will rust,louboutin baratos, also can become broken strings; the timbre of castanets will also change,nike pas cher, the volume will be reduced loss situation. Therefore,louboutin pas cher, the best place in the piano desiccant.

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s louboutin outlet aid "black", the first impression may not be too good, but you don't get me wrong, here the so-called "black",louboutin outlet, refers to the "black food restaurant", now pay attention to the health care community, believe that this shop will hot business, to help investors to create the most beautiful the future of the future!
edible black food nutritionists advocate the "black, coarse food, natural" three dietary health concept. Currently on the market although some black food. Small investors can open a "black food restaurant" to fill the market blank "".
A, shop features:
1. "black" color signs. Store sales are mainly black food. In the store name and store decoration around the black style design. The distribution agent varieties: black sesame paste, black, black, black Coffee eight eight, black soy milk, rye, black sesame, black millet tablet, black corn, black Glutinous Rice Balls etc.. Sales of homemade varieties: black, black Sugar cane juice squeezed water chestnut juice, black glutinous rice cake, three, AI Ci of black noodles, chicken porridge, porridge and black black frog.
2. delivers health concept. Black food is a leader in natural food, rich in nutrition. The theory of Chinese medicine, the majority of black food is good for health, the concept of health and diet homologous. The black food and general food for comparison: black food protein is higher than the general food; food fat content is higher than the general food plant black food; fat content of animal food is lower than the general black; black food dietary fiber content is higher than that of a similar food; black food, calcium, iron, potassium, zinc, iodine, selenium were higher than those of similar food.
two, open conditions and benefit analysis:

three, open tip:
1. store should choose the large flow of people in the streets, preferably at the crossroads, and near the entertainment places, the elderly activity center, school, food and beverage industry concentrated in the streets. 2 in the shop decoration, try to choose black style.
3. in product prices, pricing is not too high, can be made selling products as the main selling varieties. The 4 main risks from food quality problems. So the store should strengthen internal management, store food to go through the inspection, to ensure safety.

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, prada sac homme prada sac homme
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failed again and again,new balance pas cher, a blow,Canada goose hommes, but by a Canada goose hommes perseverance,asics gel, he finally saw the dawn of victory. By "negative Weng" became the "millionaire".

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,ray ban outlet; 64 cm
Yang Dehong
ray ban outlet
Chines cheap oakley e pear is classical furniture art treasures, and the other set and use function,cheap oakley, as one of the carving art appreciation. Its modelling concise,air max pas cher, smooth lin air max pas cher es,lancel pas cher, vivid images,coach outlet, embodies the craftsmen of wisdom and skills,coach outlet, manifests the noble temperament and cultural connotation. Mr. Wang Shixiang of Ming style furniture research,lancel pas cher, people think of home appliances to enhance to the height of cultural relics of the spirit of the times and the art realm.
Han Feng Tang Yun Huang Huang few159,oakley outlet.5&times,Nike Air Max Baratas; 47,Nike Air Max Baratas.5&times,ray ban outlet;
the wind of the Ming and Qing Dynasties classical furniture from Europe and America to Hong Kong and Taiwan,louboutin baratas, and from Hong Kong and Taiwan to the mainland. Hong Kong is the Art Center,cheap air jordan, with unique conditions,louboutin outlet, resulting in a number of furniture connoisseurs and collectors,sac Michael Kors pas cher, such as Jamyang dignified Master Wu Jiasi,sac prada pas cher, attack Yushan homeowners Ye Chengyao,hollister pas cher, study of the history of Chinese ancient furniture will be president of the Lin Guibiao. According to reports,coach outlet, and used the forest Guibiao Kam had been sure Mr. Wang Shixiang,new balance pas cher, especially the study of He of classical furniture structure -- tenon mao process is unique. Mr Wang Shixiang wrote "to encourage him,pandora outlet, found on the tenon structure". To inherit and carry forward the fine tradition of Chinese classical furniture technology,hogan outlet, a few years ago forest Guibiao and Luo Yifeng create the Doubletree rosewood living museum. This paper is the museum's collection of yellow pear furniture boutique.
pear chair (hunting chair)107,air max outlet us.5&times,puma pas cher; 67&times,louboutin pas cher;
,giuseppe zanotti pas cher; 64,hogan pas cher.5 cm
spot (hunting chair) called Huchuang, allegedly from the Han Dynasty into the Central Plains and the name by hu. "Play Fanlu": "this turn of the bed, the self named Huchuang Krupp." Its structure is the front and rear legs cross,hogan outlet, the point of the pivot axis. Two upper wear soft rope for the seat,ray ban outlet, has convenient folding,giuseppe zanotti pas cher, sitting comfortable. During the Ming and Qing Dynasties called "spot", see Song Dynasty painting "spring outing" late. Spot (hunting chairs) to sleek, smooth lines,hollister pas cher, curve radian compliant freely and with the chair is regarded as the most representative of one of the Ming style furniture. The chair under the tooth plate, each nine bronze nail prominent,cheap michael kors, movable gate ticket foot pedal rest without copper plain. Ring back with Ssangyong pillow,air jordan outlet, increase heavy feeling and comfort. The crescent moon type general handrail not carved but Ssangyong song. The first to look straight ahead,fake ray ban, make the spot simple dignified. The middle backboard is a dragon light pattern. Most federal by bolt stick tenon, and the ring back access, chair armrest with round round tenon shoulder angle (double dovetail). The chair with five curved Wai kissed pyramid angle bearing wedge tenon nail method for the Ming Dynasty.
as early as the Han Dynasty, incense has been used five pillar foot type,lancel pas cher, such as Lahoud health compiled the "ancient furniture collection and appreciation" shown in Wuwei, Gansu grinding Zui Zi Han tomb unearthed type flat head wood a few. Japan Osaka Municipal Museum of fine arts,mulberry outlet, the Tang Dynasty painter Wang Wei (Biography) "fengfusheng teaching map", Tang also used this format. Now in the possession of the Metropolitan Museum of art in New York of the Southern Song Dynasty painter gold Chushi painted the ten kings map "is displayed in the Southern Song Dynasty, the standard is still popular in the world. The Tang Dynasty Chen cangqi "Chinese Materia Medica".

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Gu Tibetan Ancient Book Canada Goose Pas Cher s
report from our correspondent (reporter Zhu Xin) in the way of the peuterey outlet people of the classical gardens of Suzhou Yiyuan is quite young one,Canada Goose Pas Cher, built by Dao Guang years Jinshi, collectors, Suzhou Gu Wenbin. Yesterday,peuterey outlet, G Doudoune Canada Goose Pas Cher u's descendants to Suzhou City Archives donated two volumes of "official" hung snow, as Gu Wenbin served as the office outside of letters to his son Gu Cheng papers, by Gu Wenbin personally transcribed,Doudoune Canada Goose Pas Cher, so far still intact,Borse Michael Kors Outlet, which have built some of the details in the process of continuous disclosure.
early summer of 2012, a rare ancient books in Beijing auction to Suzhou cloud building once again become the focus of domestic and foreign media, also let Gu Wenbin the Suzhou people re entered the public view. Gu Wenbin the son of Mr. Gu Duhuang, in fact,Michael Kors Outlet Italia, in the family, the most important should be for the painting,peuterey, the family also has been committed to the cultivation of the calligraphy and painting talent, "and later involved in ancient books, because a suitable opportunity. "
Gu Tibetan calligraphy and ancient skelter, now divided into reservoirs throughout the country, but about Gu Wenbin archives data, people know little about. In fact, Gu Wenbin also left many diaries, poems, letters and papers, including yesterday was brought to the archives of Suzhou and will be retained here "official hung snow forever". "Official" hung snow has ten volumes, a span of more than ten years, of which there are many things to write official involved with Zuo Zongtang, a relationship; and because was grace building stage, Gu Wenbin is mentioned in the letter to the acquisition of the various requirements. It should be said, the research of this group of letters, is a valuable source for the history of the late Qing dynasty. Donors expressed, even as the descendants of Gu Wenbin, left the group has yet to "official" hung snow had comprehensive observation, now donated to the archives, is the hope of this part of the data can provide some reference to a need of research scholars of this period of history.
the descendants of "arduous" two characters described in this part of the information process, because of their advanced in age, and other work occupies a lot of personal time, so after finishing a part of the chronicle of Gu Wenbin, decided to these materials to the archives and sorting.
except the calligraphy and painting, family donated archives is not the first time. It is reported, Gu Wenbin's great grandson Sir Gu Gongshuo hobby photography, he told local records office donated thousands of negatives, many of them are precious image data.
introduced Suzhou city archives, receiving only a first step, the complete after finishing, will be in the premise of the consent of Gu Wenbin people agree, let the "official" to be published hongxue.
Chu Xin


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not surprising, "harvest" this concept of agr sac a main hermes iculture can also be combined together with the indus air max 90 zalando try and other fields, while not exactly the same on linguistics and the concept of "harvest" the proper extension. We see the 1953 another piece of Chinese painting "to celebrate th sac amain pas cher e harvest, depicting the scene of industrial and agricultural production of singing and dancing, on the screen of the workers,sac a main hermes, peasants jointly launched the" meet the big building "slogan," celebrate "theme and" meet "theme has close contact together.
twentieth Century fifty or sixty's creation of agricultural propaganda painting, harvest is one of the important themes. In order to promote the painting style requirements, Chen Xinghua's "stepping up production of food" (1951) earlier created a clear theme and the same time in line with the political standards of the schema language. Picture two are reaping the farmer is filled with the joy of harvest and pride of being the masters of their own affairs,air max 90 zalando, the hand sickle, embrace of the rice, positive laughter of the image and schema in the future farmers of the publicity painting become the classic style.
Li Gongming
Chen Xinghua "stepped up production more than the food fight" (1951) Liu Chinese painting "to celebrate the harvest" (1953) zhaoyannian creation theme posters "harvest fine playing receive food" (1953) is a "do it yourself in campus vegetables" (1919) is in Washington archives preservation a number of agricultural food propaganda painting a picture of "new production results in return for the nation" (about 1956) the agricultural modernization to March,sac amain pas cher, (1960). The author fails to
in the last century fifty or sixty's creation of agricultural propaganda painting,ceinture hermes femme, harvest is one of the important themes. Chen Xinghua's "intensified production and more food" earlier created a pattern language that had both distinct theme features and political standard.. Picture two are reaping the farmer is filled with the joy of harvest and pride of being the masters of their own affairs,bracelet pas cher, the hand sickle,hermes sac, embrace of the rice,Pandora Big Diamond Avec Perle Pierre, positive laughter of the image and schema in the future farmers of the publicity painting become the classic style.
in fact, in 1953 encountered a severe situation in agricultural production,lunettes de soleil pour femme pas cher, the national food shortage. However, trying to find this change in the propaganda picture is totally impossible.. In this situation, zhaoyannian creation "harvest" theme posters "harvest fine playing receive food" (1953) may be understood: why at this time to after the "harvest" stressed "fine". Of course, because of the lack of the specific background of the creation of the poster, it can't make the author's creative motives too specific judgment.. In the picture, we see is in the harvest threshing floor, a young woman very seriously and winnowing wind Valley,sac bruno vanessa pas cher, her facial expression very focused,soldes pandora, should say,montre pandora, well,air max 90 on sale, painters well convey "fine to play" as the theme. In the performance of the art,ceinture hermes prix, this painting technique is very delicate,nike free 3.0, like the figure of the sun and the environment reflect light is very accurate,louboutin paris, rich. From the point of view of the publicity and painting,Pandora Blanc Hollow Heart Perle, this work is quite realistic and even has some degree of self.
,chaussures prada soldes; ,chaussures michael kors;

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An old general is Nanjing Xia Tonghao ,air max outle air max outlet t, in possession of a lot of famous paintings. In the 1980s I with the ancien louboutin pas cher t paintings and calligraphy identification group in Jiangsu Province art museum look at the painting he also with the several pictures please appreciate. On air jordan pas cher e kuncan landscape, on Gui Mao,louboutin pas cher, fifty-two years old, Zhang Xiaobin Tang poetry book. Mr. Xie zhiliu after watching,air jordan pas cher, lovely,pandora pas chers, that is Jiapin,pandora pas chers, because it is said to have called the Daqian,cheap tiffany, summer please Mr. Xie inscription,ray ban outlet, Mr. Xie immediately answer,sac longchamp pas cher, the painting back to hotel,Nike Air Max Baratas, hanging in the bedroom.
(author of the Department of painting and calligraphy expert)
it is speculated that Mr. Xie,oakley outlet, kuncan lifetime may read the works of Wang Meng,fake ray ban, but not too much,discount christian louboutin, so although the painting is evolved from the Wang Mengzhong,lancel pas cher, but have is take a large sample,fake ray ban, many by his imagination,hollister pas cher, coupled with the experience of life and nature,oakley outlet, creating a style of a Cang Mang,hogan outlet, in Wang's painting style in between like and do not like, Four Wangs is unable to achieve the situation so. Zhang Daqian do kuncan, pen is a reedy,air max outlet, tall and straight,ray ban baratas, lack of subtle flavor, such as Shi Tao fake paintings that elegant beautiful and smooth superabundant and painting does not bear scrutiny. Shanghai Friendship Store antique Division has he done kuncan landscape axis,longchamp borse outlet, Mr. Xie had wanted to with his own paintings to change,hollister pas cher, the end can not. It is said that Zhang Daqian Shi Tao,sac Michael Kors pas cher, kuncan imitation painting,giuseppe zanotti pas cher, sometimes not entirely on the manuscript,Nike Air Max Baratas, skilled and make smooth reading skills.
group identification Liu Jiuan,replica louboutins us, Fu Xinian,hermes borse outlet, Yang Renkai are of the view that this figure is not true,fake ray ban, Daqian department,louboutin baratas, and advised Mr. don't question this painting,mulberry outlet, is also its mildness,sac prada pas cher, not to mention the authenticity. Mr. Daqian think this picture is not false,air jordan outlet, absolutely can not do. This problem is so tired, looked a little gray astringent feeling,new balance pas cher, and the pen is soft,ray ban outlet, like a soft pen for. But draw more and more flavor,oakley outlet, "rich and changeable,abercrombie outlet, even for painting can also be a reference.
author Lao Jixiong

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"at that time,giuseppe zanotti pa giuseppe zanotti pas cher s cher, I will take out to see coals oakley outlet there is no pyrite,oakley outlet, the sand there is no small crystal like the idea,lancel pas cher, but I was just on mineral chemistry itself interested in a lancel pas cher feeling of distance I is still a long way to go. After graduating from University,abercrombie pas cher, probably around 1999,oakley outlet, I began to contact the Internet,new balance pas cher, found abroad have some sell mineral sample website -- after all foreign professional mineral samples used have been developed for many years, with the emergence of the Internet, these things was put on the Internet is also inevitable trend. Then I was shocked by the beauty of the mineral sample.. However,oakley baratas, there is no such a convenient international credit card and payment platform,nike tn pas cher, so the collection is full of sense of the distance." "Cat",Michael Kors borse outlet, "at that time the market of mineral specimens, but mainly the huge stones in the popular,air jordan outlet, to the point of view are very bad things. Occasionally, in the market to see some foreign specimens,lacoste pas cher, but also the lowest level of the world's circulation of goods."
source: City Express
the "cat" concern for the mineral samples,ray ban baratas, from junior high school began. At that time,oakley pas cher, he preferred inorganic chemistry,ray ban pas cher, at the same time,lacoste pas cher, studied various chemical elements,Nike Air Max Baratas, at the same time, nature can not study their source in nature - mineral. At that time,fake ray ban, the computer network is not too popular,air max pas cher, "cat" only through a variety of books to find information. According to him,puma pas cher, citing "Encyclopedia of China" in chemistry and geology volume and the related content in some college chemistry textbooks are he studied many times.
around 2007,hogan pas cher, a friend of "cat" not only the advanced mineral samples used the concept of home,fake oakley, let "big" is no longer a standard to judge a mineral specimen is good or bad,cheap oakley, also let the "cat" and then many lovers buy international market popular ore from where she. Then, the "cat" and other mineral sample collectors small mineral samples from their play is called "cat mine". "Now, 'the cat' is no longer a kind of name,nike tn pas cher, but became a popular category." The "cat" told reporters: "at that time, we often day and night in the QQ group chat,longchamp borse outlet, a few friends finally because of various reasons' fever ',louboutin baratas, but left that still play the game,hogan pas cher, and many have become the domestic mineral samples used veteran."
Wulfenite apatite essonite filed mineral specimens,ray ban baratas, many people often will and dark,cheap air jordan, dirty and lexical Association together, but shell network science editor,fake ray ban, mineral specimens used lovers "cat" released in online a series of photo collections is to subvert the people with the impression. Originally,nike tn pas cher, mineral samples not only can have a variety of attitude,oakley outlet, can also be bright color,louboutin pas cher, crystal clear,air jordan pas cher, very seductive". As a veteran collectors,new balance pas cher, "cat" now has a collection of more than 500 pieces of mineral samples,cheap nfl jerseys, covering 260 different minerals.

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,mulberry outlet
as an exp mulberry outlet ert computer virus and entrepreneur,cheap louboutin outlet, Ahn with pure and cheap louboutin outlet fresh,hermes pas cher, clean image popular,fake oakley, although never in politics,cheap louboutin outlet, but have enormous appeal to young people. Last y hermes pas cher ear in October Seoul mayoral election,giuseppe zanotti pas cher, Mr. Ahn in the network for the independent candidate Park Yuanchun call opposition faction elected,sac prada pas cher, will help his emphatic victory over the candidate of the ruling party.
An Zhexiu's spokesman said 17 days,air jordan outlet, Mr. Ahn is scheduled for the afternoon in a Art Center in Seoul to declare whether he will run for 19 days,louboutin pas cher, "to hear he met with people from all walks of life when views and answer questions". Political analysts generally expected that Ahn will be announced his candidacy and publish the election platform,mulberry outlet, introduces the campaign. Some of An Zhexiu's aides said last week,new balance pas cher, announced its location immediately he will determine the presidential candidate in the Democratic Party after integration "".
pattern of Ming
if the An Zhexiu election,oakley uk outet, means that the romance of the Three Kingdoms "will be staged in South Korea's presidential election this year". But,ray ban outlet, the campaign is not "tripartite confrontation situation". The new National Party candidate Pu Jinhui received public support rate has been leading to Wen zaiyin and an Zhexiu; after two people if fragmentation,air jordan outlet, will shunt opposition supporters vote,abercrombie pas cher, the eldest daughter of former president Pu Zhengxi into Chong Wa Dae.
Wen zaiyin says 16 days,tiffany outlet, if An Zhexiu's election,hermes pas cher, he would push to integrate the DUP and anzhexiu camp,Michael Kors borse outlet, to elect a person to run on behalf of the opposition camp in two,Michael Kors borse outlet, in order to achieve regime change.
the realization of social justice,Kate Spade borse outlet, equality of opportunity,cheap louboutin outlet, expand the general welfare is the two common political vision. 16 days to accept the nomination,hogan outlet, Wen zaiyin said that,oakley baratas, if elected,air max pas cher, "fairness" and "justice" is the cornerstone of the new government. An Zhexiu wrote in June,hollister pas cher, published a best-selling book,Kate Spade borse outlet, justice,fake oakley, welfare and peace is the core value of his pursuit of the.
Wen zaiyin is 59 years old,longchamp borse outlet, 50 year old Mr. Ahn,air max pas cher, although life experience is very different,ray ban baratas, but the political views and leadership style has many similarities,replica louboutins us, for possible jointly provide the basis. Interviews with the media or speech,Ralph Lauren pas cher, two people has repeatedly stressed that the presidency is not their life goal,nike tn pas cher, win if the election,replica louboutins us, will respond to national call.
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if anzhexiu and joined in Yin,cheap tiffany, opposition faction launched from a single candidate election will produce major change,coach outlet, pattern. Analysis Yonhap,cheap nfl jerseys, from the current situation,abercrombie outlet, two people are aware of going it alone will be lost,air jordan pas cher, which together quite possibly >
South Korea Seoul University Fusion Technology Graduate School Dean An Zhexiu is scheduled to be announced on 19 whether to participate in the presidential election. The outside world is expected to independents in the name of young voters in the highly popular then formally announced his candidacy. Display at the present stage of the poll,air jordan outlet, Ahn and the largest opposition party presidential candidate Wen zaiyin were unable to defeat the ruling party presidential candidate Pu Jinhui,new balance pas cher, most analysts expect,giuseppe zanotti pas cher, Wen will eventually join forces in Yin and A Zhezhengxiu.

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